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Every morning, on my way into work, I run into a man with a big "Cat in the Hat" hat on who is selling Street Sense newspapers. (Street Sense is a publication written and distributed by homeless people living in DC). Over time, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Phillip and last week, I asked him if he could write a quick letter to the members of our group to share his thoughts on the Christmas season and his resolution for 2018.

He gave me his...


Often times, it may be easy to take for granted the rights and freedoms of the United States: freedom of speech, press, religion, the right to assemble/protest, free market capitalism, voting rights, women's rights, land ownership, education, etc. to name a few. These rights and freedoms have enabled our great nation to flourish and prosper for many years, however they come at a cost...

The brave men and women who serve our nation are the ones that p...


I wanted to wish you, your family, and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you had a great 2017 and will have an even better 2018, filled with joy, optimism, good health, and much success.

Last Christmas, I made a goal to volunteer more and to motivate my friends and family to do the same! Looking back on 2017, we as a group, did some amazing things! From cooking meals at homeless shelters and refurbishing old computers for the homel...


A special thanks to our friends at Reston Serenity Smiles for donating 300 toothbrushes and toothpastes to support our Christmas for the Homeless event this weekend! This generous donation will assist many homeless people in DC this Christmas season!

Reston Serenity Smiles also donated 20, $100 gift cards that can be used towards dental services that they provide. The first 20 volunteers will be receiving these gift cards!!

I personally go to Resto...


Hi all! I hope you are having a good week so far! I just got back from a long weekend trip to Las Vegas with a good friend of mine. Vegas was a blast, we had an awesome time and saw lots of street performers, beautiful hotels, and did some people watching at the casinos which was entertaining to say the least. I was also "arrested" by a couple of cops on our walk down the Vegas strip which was hysterical.

While Vegas was a fun time, the most memorable...


What a year 2017 has been! As a group, we all accomplished some amazing things! From cooking meals at homeless shelters and refurbishing old computers for those less fortunate, to hand delivering supplies and food to homeless people in DC and raising food for rescue animals, we managed to make a big difference. Also, it goes without saying that the Thanksgiving meal was our best accomplishment by far! We served over 1,000 homeless people and had over...


Christmas is the time of year to be with the ones you love and care for. It is also a time to reflect on life and to be grateful for everything that we have: friends, family, roofs over our heads, health, and food. Unfortunately, there are many people in our community that are less fortunate, and do not have these essential things in their lives.

No one should have to spend Christmas alone in the cold on the streets.. 

Let’s come together and bring s...


A few weeks ago, a co-worker and I decided to join forces and coordinate a Thanksgiving dinner to feed around 1,000 homeless people in DC. What started as a simple conversation over breakfast, materialized into a phenomenal event with over 100 volunteers bringing their best home cooked meals to those less fortunate. In addition, 2 non-profit organizations were also created as a result: King of Ace Foundation, and the Barbera Foundation.

It is an amazin...


Thanksgiving is a time where we can refect on life and appreciate all that we have: family, friends, warm meals, a home, and much more! There are a lot of people, especially in Washington DC, that unfortunately do not have these things and could really use our help, especially during the holiday season. 

Let's help bring Thanksgiving to them this year! (Location: Franklin Square, next to McPherson Square Metro Station)

A friend of mine, La-Tina West...


Come on out to St. John Neumann Church at 11900 Lawyers Rd, Saturday, November 18 to help hand out Thanksgiving Baskets to those less fortunate! We will start at 8:30 am and will go until around 2 p.m. Show up anytime within this timeframe. We need a lot of help with this event, so please join and invite your friends!

To sign up, please visit this website:

If you can't make it, p...

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To promote positive change by inspiring others to engage in the community and help those less fortunate.  

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