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Computer Donation: BIG Impact!

This made my day today! It's a thank you note and picture from one of the recipients of the laptops that we have donated to help people either transition out of homelessness, or prevent them from becoming homeless. Her name is Megen and she is using her new laptop to go back to school to advance her career. She informed us that she has already completed 2 assignments and one test and received a 100 percent on all of them!

She is very grateful for the computer and wanted to tell you she appreciates the assistance with getting her life back on track.

Here is her note..

"Hello, I wanted to send a quick thank you note because I was able to receive a computer from your organization and was able to go back to school. I am a full time employee at a daycare center and a single mother of four children. My job offered to pay for me to go back to school I just needed to get a computer and because of you I am, as we speak, typing my first paper. I never thought I would be here finally trying to get my life back together and because of you I was able to take my first step, THANK YOU!!!!"

It's great to see the positive impact our donations are having on people's lives. This thank you note, along with others I have received, personally motivates me to continue running this foundation and finding/creating volunteer opportunities we can all participate in together.

I hope this note inspired you to give back in some form, today or in the near future. Simple acts of kindness go a long way in making this world a better place.

A special thanks to Anne Thai for donating the laptop!

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