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Fitness & Philanthropy

Beach season is right around the corner, and you know what that means... It's time to shed those love handles and get in great shape! As a certified personal trainer, every summer, I lead weekly outdoor fitness classes. From yoga and flexibility to HIIT (high intensity interval training) and weight training, I have classes for everyone: male, female, young, and old!

The goal this summer is to combine my passion of health/fitness with philanthropy! Starting on May 5th and going through August, we plan to offer a FREE weekly fitness boot camp in Reston, VA. In lieu of payment for the class, we are asking for donations of school supplies which will go to support local children of low-income families when they start school in September.

Here are some things that local schools are requesting:

-Pencil box


-Colored pencils

-Washable markers

-No. 2 pencils

-Pencil sharpener


-Glue sticks

-Blunt-tipped scissors

-Plastic folders

-Assorted construction paper

-Wide-ruled notebook or pad



-Lunchbox or bag

Variety is the key to success in any workout program! As a result, I have assembled a team of health and fitness professionals who can add their own personal touch and spice up this exercise program to ensure that you get the best results!

Kevin Barbera (

Danielle Barbera

Julia Iuly

Sophie Winchester (

Angi Wesley

Evelyn OLaughlin

Ann Mobley-Frias

Anne Thai

Jennifer Auchterlonie

SCHEDULE: We will have class every Saturday from 6:30PM-7:30PM from 05/05-08/25 in Reston Town Center (Specific location TBD

RSVP here to receive more information on upcoming workouts!

For every pushup that you do and staircase that you run, you will know that you are helping someone in need AND getting yourself in great shape. It's a win-win! Remember, positive change starts with you!



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