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Fitness & Philanthropy

Beach season is right around the corner and you know what that means?? It's time to ramp up the intensity fitness-wise and get in great shape!

As a certified personal trainer (, I teach outdoor fitness classes from Spring to Fall in Reston, Arlington, and DC. My goal this summer is to combine fitness with philanthropy and raise school supplies for children in our community. In other words, instead of paying admission with cash, I am requesting donations of school supplies which will go to assist children in our community who need a little assistance.

A friend of mine is a teacher who works in Prince George's county and she pays, out-of-pocket, $1,000 worth of school supplies for her students each year. Let's try to help her along with many others students this summer.

For every burpee, pushup, Vinyasa, sprint, staircase, jump squat you do, you will know that you are helping someone in need!

The plan is to do this weekly on Saturdays and I am brainstorming workout ideas (yoga, HIIT, circuit training, etc.). I want to gauge the level of interest out there and need your help! Please comment below with advice and or suggestions as to locations, times, particular workouts you would like to do, etc.

Thanks and I look forward to making you all sweat this summer, for a good cause!

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