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Book Drive Update

Hi all,

I have a quick update for you..

I have a few friends who are teachers and I asked them if they could provide insight into schools with students that could use the books we gather during our book drive.

They mentioned to review free/reduced meal stats at the schools to locate students that are most in need.

My friend sent over some statistics from Arlington County's Public schools, and I have another friend who is working on schools in Reston and Herndon. Take a look at some of these statistics...…/…/12/FREE-REDUCED-OCTOBER-31-2017.pdf

Looks like Carlin Springs and Randolph could be good schools for me to reach out to. I'll keep you posted once we solidify things.

Another idea I am considering..

After collecting all of the books, let's schedule a time to deliver them to various schools and spend an hour or so reading the books to some of the kids who will be receiving them. I'll reach out to some of the schools and set up a couple times to distribute. Let me know if you would be interested in participating in this way!

Thanks again and please help us spread awareness of this event by sharing with your friends and family on Facebook!

Thanks, Kevin

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