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Valentine's for Vets 2018

Often times, it may be easy to take for granted the rights and freedoms of the United States: freedom of speech, press, religion, the right to assemble/protest, free market capitalism, voting rights, women's rights, land ownership, education, etc. to name a few. These rights and freedoms have enabled our great nation to flourish and prosper for many years, however they come at a cost...

The brave men and women who serve our nation are the ones that protect our constitution, freedoms, and way of life. Without their sacrifices, we wouldn't be where we are today. 


Barbera Foundation makes it a priority to give back to active duty personnel along with those who have served and are disabled. In 2018, Barbera Foundation volunteers of all ages (from kids to the elderly) created over 2,500 Valentine's cards and delivered them to those serving overseas and disabled Vets at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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