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Christmas Care Package: Donation Drive TODAY!

On my way into work yesterday, I saw a group of homeless people sleeping on the floor with very little clothing/food/supplies to stay warm (weather in the 20s-30s). I have spoken to many of them, and they prefer to be outside in the cold rather than spend the night in shelters. Apparently, the shelters can be more dangerous (especially for women), theft is common, and there are bed bugs.

Today, the Barbera Foundation will be hosting a Christmas Care Package Donation drive where volunteers can donate to support the homeless community in DC. In the following weeks, we will assemble all of the donations (food, winter hats, gloves, etc.) into individual care packages, which will then be delivered to over 1,000 homeless people the weekend before Christmas!

Want to get involved in this effort, or any of the other initiatives The Barbera Foundation organizes? Click Here!

Can't make it today? Still interested in supporting this effort? Make a donation to the Barbera Foundation! 100% of every dollar donated will go directly to one of the many causes we support and your donation is tax deductible! Please click here to donate!

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