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May Recap of Events!

PAST EVENTS: Book Drive: We wrapped up our book drive in early May and managed to raise over 3,500 books for children in need at three local elementary schools: Dranesville, Miner, and Dogwood. The books will be used to supplement reading materials in the classroom and also allow for reading at home during the summer. The principals and staff members at the schools were very appreciative and wanted me to personally thank all of you who donated!

Embry Rucker Shelter Dinner: Yesterday, we had a huge turnout of volunteers (almost too many cooks in the kitchen!) at the Embry Rucker Shelter dinner for the homeless. The dinner was Italian themed, which was near and dear to my heart being part Italian! My role as quality assurance specialist was highly prized as I taste tested homemade cannolis, Chicken Parmesan, meatballs, and many more amazing dishes. Solid work, nothing but great feedback from everyone who dined with us!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Fitness & Philanthropy: While this was supposed to start last week, rain and other scheduling conflicts will push this out until June 23rd. Essentially, we are trying to raise school supplies for kids over the summer. I am coupling my love for health & fitness with this initiative, by providing FREE outdoor fitness boot camps in Reston VA. All you have to do is show up with some school supplies and you'll be good to go! Flower Power: Every Saturday, I teach yoga classes at various retirement homes in the Northern VA area. We frequently try to incorporate the residents of these retirement communities in the volunteer work that we do (for example-- writing Valentine's cards for disabled vets back in February). I thought it would be a great idea to give back to this group by simply delivering flowers to them! Many of you have asked for ways in which your kids can be involved in volunteering. While some of our events are strictly 18+, this event is open to everyone of all ages. The elderly community especially likes to see younger kids come around and visit them, so hopefully you can bring your kids out to this event!

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