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New Year's Eve Rockin' Through Time Party

What a year 2017 has been! As a group, we all accomplished some amazing things! From cooking meals at homeless shelters and refurbishing old computers for those less fortunate, to hand delivering supplies and food to homeless people in DC and raising food for rescue animals, we managed to make a big difference. Also, it goes without saying that the Thanksgiving meal was our best accomplishment by far! We served over 1,000 homeless people and had over 4,000 volunteers express interest in the event! An amazing accomplishment! For 2018, I have a couple goals in mind.. In addition to assisting the homeless, let's also include events geared towards supporting disabled veterans and those who are currently overseas defending our freedom. Also, for all the pet owners out there (Danielle Barbera), I am planning on incorporating some events that will help find homes for rescue animals and support animal shelters with donations of food and other resources that they may need! While, we have many important things in the works, let's take time to celebrate the start of a new year! My band is playing a show at Dogfish Head Alehouse - Fairfax, VA on 12/31 and I wanted to invite you, your friends, and your family to join. We will be playing songs from the 70s through present, from 9PM - 1AM. Come on out, have a glass of champagne (or tequila shot) with the band and I let's start 2018 off right! Hope to see you there! For those who can't make it, I want to wish you, your family, and friends a Happy New Year! Hopefully 2018 brings health, optimism, and much success to you and your loved ones. Kevin

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