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Thanksgiving Feast for 300+ Homeless in DC

Thanksgiving is a time where we can refect on life and appreciate all that we have: family, friends, warm meals, a home, and much more! There are a lot of people, especially in Washington DC, that unfortunately do not have these things and could really use our help, especially during the holiday season. Let's help bring Thanksgiving to them this year! (Location: Franklin Square, next to McPherson Square Metro Station) A friend of mine, La-Tina West, is a professional Caterer and she is looking to cook a large Thanksgiving feast for over 200 people in DC! We need all the help we can get, as this is quite the undertaking! Here are a few ways for you to participate... ****REGISTRATION**** If you would like to volunteer for any of the below roles please send me an e-mail at ( and specify which number (1-7) you would like to volunteer for and what you plan to donate. 1.) Donations of non-perishable food, suggestions include: -Canned vegetables (green beans, corn, peas, yams, pumpkin) -Boxed stuffing mix -Jars of turkey gravy or dried gravy mixes -Canned cranberry sauce -Cornbread mix -Salt and Pepper -Boxed Mac and Cheese -Peanut Butter & Jelly -Soda cans 2.) Donations of catering supplies: -Plates -Cups -Napkins -Utensils - forks, knives, and spoons, -Paper Towels -Paper Plates -Foil Baking Pans -Catering candles to keep food warm -Catering stands to hold up foil baking pans -Serving spoons and tongs 3.) Other donations: -Clothes -Blankets -Gloves -Hot Hands ****DONATION DRIVE**** I will be hosting a donation drive on 11/11 from 12-2pm in Reston, VA (specific address: Baron Cameron Park, Field 1, 11300 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston, VA 20190) to collect all non-perishable food, supplies, and clothes (#1-#3 above) 4.) Meal prep: we need volunteers to make the following dishes.. -Mashed Potatoes -Stuffing -Green Bean Casserole -Rolls -Turkey -Ham -Mac and Cheese -Sweet Potato Casserole -Cranberry Sauce -Assorted Veggies -Apple Pie -Blueberry Pie -Cherry Pie -Pumpkin Pie -Sweet Potato Pie -Any type of Cake -Bottled Water -Soda cans Please also bring a dish to the event in this kind of container ( 5.) Event promotion among homeless population: To promote this event we ask that you come 3 hours before the event at 12pm and pass out fliers to people in the area to get them to come out to the dinner. (I will be posting fliers to the event page as we get closer to the event date). If you can print on your own printer and hand out that would be great! 6.) Foldable tables- we will need tables to set up the buffet on. Preferably 2-4. 7.) Social Media: It is understandable that you may not be able to participate because you are traveling or have other plans. Not to worry. You can help out tremendously if you share this event on Facebook and invite your friends who may be interested. A simple "like" goes a long way, believe me! We can't do this without you! If we work together, this will be a great event that can really make a huge difference in many people's lives. I hope to see you and your family out in DC on Thanksgiving! Everyone is welcome! All ages! Thank you! Kevin & La-Tina P.S. To stay in the loop on future events like this, please join my Facebook group- I recently started up a charitable group that hosts events such as these called the Barbera Foundation ( and its success relies on volunteers like yourself! So please join the group and invite your friends! Thank you!

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