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Homeless Support 2017

The act of assembling and delivering care packages of food and supplies to the homeless in Washington DC was, in fact, what inspired the creation of Barbera Foundation. While attending grad school in Washington, DC, CEO, Kevin Barbera would frequently pass homeless people on the sides of the streets on his way to class. After learning more about the lives of those who were homeless, Kevin decided to simply prepare and hand out food to those in need during his lunch breaks. Overtime, Kevin invited friends, who also invited their friends to partake in these efforts. What started as a 1 man operation quickly grew to larger groups, with bigger influence/impact. Kevin soon discovered a need in the community for a charitable organization to provide enjoyable volunteer opportunities that were creative, fun, and influential. Doing so would add value not only to those in need, but also to those giving back. Barbera Foundation was eventually established soon thereafter and has continued to adhere to its original goal- motivating and inspiring others to give back and help those less fortunate.   

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