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Last Day to Send your Valentine's in!!

Today is the day! If you would like to write a Valentine card(s) to disabled vets, active duty military stationed overseas, or hospitalized children, please send them via mail to

Barbera Foundation

PO Box 2293

Reston, VA 20195

Take a look at some of the pictures we received of volunteers writing cards over the weekend!

For more information about this event please click here:



Kevin Barbera

Founder, CEO Barbera Foundation

Barbera Foundation is 100% volunteer run with 100% of all donations go to the cause (i.e. not to overhead expenses). As a result, our success is 100% contingent on your engagement and support. Please help us to spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our monthly e-mail newsletter. We couldn’t do this without YOU and are incredibly grateful for your continued support!

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