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Happy New Year: 10,000 Valentine's

Happy NEW YEAR!!

To start 2019 off on the right foot, let's do something super ambitious that will have a profound positive impact on many people. Valentine's Day, is right around the corner, and this year our goal is to deliver 10,000 handwritten Valentine's cards to disabled vets, active duty military stationed overseas, and sick children at local children's hospitals.

Imagine if you were fighting to defend the US in a foreign country and received an uplifting handwritten note expressing gratitude for your service. Or if you were recovering from an injury at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and received an inspirational note thanking you for your sacrifice and inspiring you to continue pushing forward to recovery. Or if you were a child suffering from cancer and you received a Valentine's card from a total stranger who was sending their prayers, love, and support your way.

A simple handwritten note can make a huge impact on someone's life and help them through a very difficult time.

Let’s work together to spread love and optimism to 10,000 people who need it most!

Want to help? Here are ways to get involved..

--Join one of our Valentine's card writing events. You will get to interact with certain groups of people (example- elderly at retirement homes) while writing cards for a good cause. Register here

--Donate blank cards at our donation drive! These cards will be filled out at one of our card-writing events. Click here for more details.

--Make a financial donation: 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing Valentine's cards and/or supplies to support this event. Click here!

--Mail in your cards: Simply write out your cards at home and mail them to: Barbera Foundation, PO Box 2293 Reston, VA 20195. We will organize and deliver them on your behalf. If you choose this option, please don't seal the envelopes individually. We need to review the cards that have been submitted before delivering them. Instead, please put your unsealed cards in a box or a larger envelope.

--Establish your own 500+ Valentine's card drive initiative! This is for those who want to take on a leadership opportunity either individually, or at their places of work. Organize your own card drive among your peers and deliver your handwritten Valentine’s cards to us. Register here!

--Join the "Review Crew": This group is responsible for reviewing all of the cards prior to delivery to ensure that they are appropriate and are included in the correct batch: i.e. ensuring that disabled vet cards don't go to children in hospitals or active duty military, etc. Subscribe to the e-mail list for updates and more details here!

--Join the "Delivery Crew": This group will be responsible for delivering the cards to various hospitals in DC/northern VA from Reston, VA. Subscribe to the list for updates and more details here!

--Social media: Share this event post everywhere online! On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Craigslist, Volunteering Blogs, etc. Also join our Facebook group, Facebook Page, Instagram, and Linkedin. Spreading the word on Social Media is absolutely essential! The more we can get the word out the better chances we have of reaching the 10,000 card goal!

Thank you so much for your help. Without volunteers/donors like you, this initiative wouldn’t be successful. Let’s bring some joy and happiness to 10,000 people this Valentine’s day. Be the change you wish to see in the world. This starts with YOU!


Kevin Barbera

CEO, Barbera Foundation

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