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Great work helping out Oakbrook Church in Reston, VA deliver food to those in need.

I received a quick update from Kathy Mallett the other day.. take a look below..



I want to thank you again for encouraging your foundation members to help with Oakbrook's food ministry. Just this morning, we were able to do 5 delivery routes in the same time that it would have taken us to do 1. Each route had at least 6-8 families, so the impact your organization...


Thanks to those who donated through our website to purchase flowers for the elderly!

Yesterday, we delivered roses to two retirement homes in the Northern, VA area and everyone loved the flowers.

Want to donate a rose, and spread love this spring? Click here--


Yesterday, we delivered donated laptops to Cornerstones ( to support those in need. Thank you for all of our amazing volunteers who donated their used laptops to us! We installed chrome OS, and refurbished them into good working condition!

Have a laptop that you would like to donate? Please email us at!



Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped pass out about 70 sleeping bags to the homeless in DC today and also to everyone who donated! Take a look at some of the pictures from today..


Thanks Reston Serenity Smiles for your very generous donation to our sleeping bag fundraising initiative to support the homeless community this winter!

Today I handed out 2 sleeping bags in DC, one to Mitch and the other to Richard. They both said thank you and wished everyone a happy new year!

Want to give back and help someone in need this new year?

Click here to learn more and to donate to this great cause..


It's almost Christmas and we handed out about 12 sleeping bags so far.. I just ordered about 20 more on Amazon this morning. If you want to donate to purchase sleeping bags for the homeless please click here:

They make great Christmas gifts!

Special shout out to Kevin Ahearn and Andrew Roberts (good friends from Forestville Elementary School and Langley High School) for donating to this cause. I really ap...


What a great weekend! After 2 toy drives and $1,000 of donations spent buying toys at Walmart, we managed to deliver a whole van full of toys to Myanna's Heart (, a non-profit organization that provides toys and other supplies to kids who are recovering from heart surgeries in the hospitals. Thanks to everyone who helped make this initiative possible! 

Want to volunteer for events just like this? Barbera Foundation suppor...


“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” -Aristotle

Today we helped out Vanessa who was very happy to receive a sleeping bag especially considering that it will get down to the low 20s tonight in DC. She said "I'll be sleeping warm tonight!" And I said "amen, that sleeping bag is meant for 0 degree temps!"

Shout out to John Glassley for his contribution to our on-going initiative to deliver sleeping bags to the homeless during the...


Today Kevin Barbera and Iuliana Boghean participated in the "Jingle all the Way 15k" to support Ainsley's Angels ( This organization allows runners to assist those with disabilities in participating in running events (including marathons, 15k, 10k, 5k, etc.) This run was very inspirational and was an overall great experience! In the future, Barbera Foundation will host charitable events geared towards raising money for Ainsley'...


Giving back and assisting those less fortunate helps me personally keep things in perspective and appreciate everything that I have in my life.. family, friends, a good job, a roof over my head, food, physical and mental health, etc.

There will always be hurdles, obstacles, and problems in life, but often times they pale in comparison with what others are going through.

Throughout the winter, I try to help the homeless by providing them with sleeping ba...

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To promote positive change by inspiring others to engage in the community and help those less fortunate.  

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