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Flower Power 2019

In 2019, Barbera Foundation raised $2,000 to purchase and deliver 100 bouquets of flowers to mother's of domestic violence on Mother's Day. In order to reach this $2,000 goal, we organized various fundraising events including: an Irish themed dinner to benefit low income elderly, a charitable poker tournament, social media/website fundraiser, Great Falls clean up effort, a yoga class, arts and crafts with seniors, and a mother's day dinner for the elderly. Also, a special thanks to the "Tribe" of Growing Kids Therapy Center for making and selling bracelets! All proceeds went to support this charitable initiative!

Each of these events required volunteers to pay $5-$30 to participate. While volunteers were giving back to help those less fortunate, they were simultaneously helping to support this effort. Please feel free to take a look at pictures from these various events, along with the delivery of the flowers to victims of domestic violence on Mother's Day. 

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